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Where to Steer, Eat, Anchor on the ICW
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Distance Tables. Hydrographic Practice and Symbols.

Light Lists. Plotting Diagrams and Sheets. Radio Signals. Sailing Directions. North West Europe. Tidal Stream Atlas.

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Tide Tables. Dinghy Sailing and Racing. Inland Waterways Maps and Guides. British Isles. Rest of Europe. Rest of the World. Log Books, Stationery and Dictionaries. Stationery and Log Books. Motor Boating - Personal Watercraft. Books for Children.

Other Publishers Pilot books, Handbooks, Almanacs. Atlantic and Caribbean. Pilots and Cruising Guides. Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Northwest Europe. Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Asia. USA East Coast. It simplifies the sometimes complex law relating to boat operation for the recreational boater. Marine Weather Forecasting.

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While not a course in weather, this seminar explains how just using your own senses can help you determine what conditions you will encounter where you are. By all means, a forecast is important. It will tell you what weather systems are headed your way, but they are challenged to tell exactly where and when conditions will change. Add your own observations and you have an extra edge. Add a couple of instruments and you can verify your observations. The seminar explains weather systems, how to understand clouds and their changes, using changing wind direction, temperature, and pressure to hone in on emerging weather fronts.

Skipper Saver Seminar. Its purpose is to help a First Mate acquire basic boat handling skills without frills or superfluous information. The idea is to learn how to make decisions, communicate a problem, and operate a boat safely in an emergency without the throes of panic.

This course consists of 5 classroom lessons. We have a boat simulator for use in the class room to give you hands-on experience.

Anchoring, A Captain's Quick Guide (CQG)

Tides and Currents. The United States has over 12, miles of coastline and some 72, miles of coastal waterways that are affected by tides and tidal currents.

15 Nautical Terms Even Captains Get Wrong!?

Even if you are an inland boater, you may travel to an area where knowing about tides and tidal currents is important. The seminar deals with how the sun and moon create tidal patterns, sources of information about tides and tidal currents, simple ways to predict height of tide and speed of current flow and how to use both print and electronic tide tables. Learn about tides and currents from experienced coastal boaters. Each student receives a full color Student Guide for the seminar.

Trailering Your Boat. Expand your boating to find better fishing, quieter beaches, or safer water skiing! Get in the know with how you tow! Gain new skills and tips for safely towing and launching your trailerable boat in less than ideal situations.

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This seminar includes a copy of the superb page, fully- illustrated paperback book, Complete Guide to Trailering Your Boat. We will also show you how to operate and maintain your trailering equipment. Get ready for summer fun.

Join us on Lake Union! Using GPS.

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This seminar explains the principles of waypoint navigation and shows you how to relate the GPS to your charts. The seminar also shows you how to operate your GPS — what the buttons do, what the screens show, and how to access the functions you need. VHF radio is the mainstay of coastal communication and essential for emergency communications. This seminar explains basic VHF operation.

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