Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

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The novel recounts the seemingly doomed fight Julius organizes to save the Mansion and the link to the past it represents. Doctorow, a Toronto expatriate living in San Francisco, piles on the ideas early in his first novel, but the way-cool cybergeek speculations start to feel a bit out of place in a plot that grows tired and thin.

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As fun as it is to watch Doctorow play spot-the-future-fad, Down and Out in the Magic Kindgom lacks the weight of moral or political speculation usually a genre specialty that could have made the book more than merely a short, breezy read. Subscribe: Digital Edition. Subscribe: Print Edition.

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Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

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Or no hyperlinks, no ad-hocracy, no Whuffie? Each one is different and wonderful. All the characters and events portrayed in this book, including the imagined future of the Magic Kingdom, are either fictitious or are used fictitiously.

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Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a science fiction book, the first novel by Canadian author and digital-rights activist Cory Doctorow. Concurrent with. Bursting with cutting-edge speculation and human insight, Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a coming-of-age romantic comedy and a .

The Walt Disney Company has not authorized or endorsed this novel. It is soaked in admiration. They have modernized the stage show which features figures of all the United States Presidents — a favourite being Abraham Lincoln — with the latest technologies, but, in essence, it is as Jules and his generation s remember it. Then a new crowd comes in and want to do unorthodox upgrades to the Hall of Presidents. In the meantime, Jules has technically been shot dead yep, dead , but for sentimental reasons does not want to be rebooted or upgraded, and his Whuffie sinks to zero.

By instantly bringing up classical images of Disney World in the minds of readers of many generations, merely through the title and setting of the book, Doctorow creates an instantaneous connection, but also immediate tension. This Disney World is of the future, it is only in part what we, the readers of until today, remember.

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This tension and duality is quite stressful to the reader, and it is the same stress one feels when nostalgia for things from your past causes you to revisit them. Often there is disappointment, sadness and rejection.


Memories are rarely accurate and over time become less so. And the world changes, and we move on. The moment that you try to grasp your past, the things you felt were your world, you will most certainly be disillusioned. They may well be crowd-sourced mobs, but they have the passion of brainwashed armies.

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It is a classic theme and well depicted. The novel was a pleasure to read, and Doctorow again proves that he is in complete command of his genre.

The only thing that bothered me was the illustration at the headers of the chapters. I can see a power plug, but what is that thing with the two dots?

If you are going to use graphics, they should be hi-res enough to be recognizable. His website craphound. You can read all about him there. Doctorow campaigns for the eradication of digital rights management DRM.

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

He claims that it limits the free sharing of digital media and frequently causes problems for legitimate users including registration problems that lock users out of their own purchases and prevent them from being able to move their media to other devices.

The electronic edition was released simultaneously with the print edition.

"Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" by Cory Doctorow - Book Review

In March , it was re-released with a different Creative Commons licence that allowed derivative works such as fan fiction, but still prohibited commercial usage. So this book, with all its references to Disney World, is a statement of digital freedom.