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Foundation Flash 8 features a running case study that evolves into a fully-functional Flash website as you work through the tutorials, so you'll immediately see everything that you learn being used in a practical project. This book focuses on the core skills that you need to get started working with Flash 8: understanding the interface, becoming familiar with the creative tools and their capabilities, grasping the relationships between the different components that make up a Flash movie, and getting insight into how to put all the pieces together to create your own Flash-based website.

In addition to speaking appearances at FlashForward, the biggest Macromedia Flash developer conference, Sham has also been a beta tester for Macromedia and Discreet products for a number of years. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview.

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FAQ Policy. About this book Foundation Flash 8 is the book you need if you're looking for a solid foundation in Flash 8 Basic and Flash 8 Professional. Show all. The Flash Tools Panel Pages Flash Symbols and Libraries Pages Managing Content Pages Working with Color and Images Pages Motion Tweening Pages Shape Tweening Pages Masks and Masking Pages Advanced Animation, Effects, and Commands Pages Typing functions 6.

Running in circles 6. Nesting functions 6. Using nested functions 6.

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Alexios Mantzarlis May. End-users can view Flash content via Flash Player for web browsers , AIR for desktop or mobile apps or third-party players such as Scaleform for video games. The Verge. Polska - Polski. The detailed tutorial style will ensure that you retain the knowledge you gain and are able to draw upon it throughout your Flash career.

Using more function nesting to tidy up your script 6. Book project: Creating the dynamic graphics 6. Summary 7. Introducing objects and classes 7. Type and object-oriented programming 7. Classes, generalization, and abstraction 7. Seeing arrays in a new light 7.

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The Array constructor method 7. Other Array methods 7. Array properties 7. Creating classes and objects instances in Flash 7. Instances 7.


The Object object 7. Viewing an object in Flash 7.


Constructors 7. Objects, objects, everywhere. Lurking objects 7. Making a show reel 7. Book project: Initializing the code 7. Getting yourself comfortable 7. Initializing the site variables 7. Telling ActionScript about the stage 7. Sanity check 7. Setting up your tricolor colors 7.

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Foundation Flash 8 is the book you need if you're looking for a solid foundation in Flash 8 Basic and Flash 8 Professional. Thousands upon thousands of. Foundation Flash 8 [Kristian Besley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flash X is the new version of Macromedia's Flash. Sham's book .

Final words 7. Summary 8. Movie clips and buttons as objects 8. Symbol types and behaviors 8. Two sides of the same object 8.

Working with Library items 8. Let chaos reign 8. Bitmap caching 8. The other side of bitmap caching 8. Bitmap caching and RAM 8. Changing the appearance of a cached movie clip 8. When to use bitmap caching 8.

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Referencing different timelines with ActionScript 8. Different place, different variable 8. Locating variables from inside an event handler function 8. Reusing handler functions 8. The apply method 8. Global variables 8.

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Summary 9. Breaking down big tasks into smaller ones 9. Black-box programming 9. Creating simple components 9.

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Creating a modular set of playback controls 9. Dark Valentine 9. Modular control of movie clips 9. How to simulate realistic movement 9. Motion with acceleration 9. Trailing the pointer a mouse follower 9.

Foundation Flash 8

Understanding the inertial code 9. Fine-tuning the component 9. Function-based modular code 9. Swarming behavior 9. Taking the swarming effect forward 9. Creating tweens with ActionScript 9. Using import to access the Tween class 9. How to use the Tween constructor function 9.

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Understanding the transition types 9. Book project: Setting up the color transition 9. Making it modular 9. Sanity check 1 9. Sanity check 2 9. Running the FLA: The results 9. Parting shots 9. Summary Games and Sprites What is a sprite? Control External and internal data Movement Collision Planning zapper The game world the main timeline The timeline The code Global constants The "start game" trigger The player the ship The SwarmAlien The SwarmAlien code The bullet The debris of war Book project: Navigation event handling Sanity check 1 Adding the basic UI animation Adding typing Sanity check 2 Creating a smooth transition Parting shots Drawing API Turtle graphics Drawing lines Drawing curves How the sketching code works Filling shapes Creating a kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope math Building the kaleidoscope engine Book project: Color transition event handling and data Wiring the colTransition function The game plan Fading color Coding the color transition Finishing the text transition Reviewing the code so far Data-driven sites and why you need to understand them Defining data for Futuremedia Choosing the right sound format Using sound on a timeline Using the ActionScript Sound class Playing sounds from ActionScript Attaching sounds to a sound instance Starting and stopping sounds Creating dynamic soundtracks Using ActionScript to control volume and balance Dealing with large sound files Using compression to reduce download times Loading sound from external files Silence can also be golden XML How an XML document is structured Using the right version and encoding Windows Notepad Dreamweaver Dedicated XML editors How tags are used in XML Checking that your document is well formed Loading XML into Flash Book project: Controlling structure and content with XML Building the basic XML structure Loading the XML data into Flash Creating the Futuremedia site's data structure How the page array is structured Populating the actual data values Moving to the next level Sanity check Getting the data into the user interface Amending the way events are handled Reading content pages