IEEE guide for field testing of shielded power cable systems using very low frequency (VLF)

Cable testing and diagnostics on medium-voltage cables with VLF sine voltage sources
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Provide procedures and parameters for testing and diagnosis of shielded power cables using damped AC voltages. This will include, but is not limited to low voltage diagnostic methods and results for new and aged cable systems.

Giotis oncor. This task group will focus on field data and results rather than diagnostic methodologies.

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The arbitrary use of high voltages and energies during AC, DC and surge testing of service-aged power cable systems with extruded dielectric insulation frequently overstresses insulation defects which become faults after cables are returned to service. The Working Group will develop a guide to provide troubleshooting and testing personnel with information to quickly identify a faulted cable section or locate a cable fault with minimum risk to further damaging serviceable cables, terminations, and equipment.

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The Working Group will develop and maintain a guide for cable fault locating on shielded power cable systems. It is intended to emphasize those fault locating techniques which maintain cable integrity, reduce customer outage time, consider equipment sensitivity and which do not compromise on personnel and equipment safety.

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This guide applies to all insulated, shielded power cable systems. Working groups have the PAR in parenthesis.


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In these situations it would seem prudent to recognize the limitations in the data and weight the limit towards the data; in this case Other commercially available frequencies for dielectric spectroscopy are in the range of 0. It should be noted that Table 4 to Table 7 apply to maintenance tests on cable systems that have been in operation for five or more years, i. IEC Kim, H. For an electrical tree from the tip of a needle in PE insulation in laboratory conditions to completely penetrate the insulation during the test duration, VLF ac voltage test levels and testing time durations have been established for the two most commonly used test voltage sources, the cosine-rectangular and the sinusoidal wave shapes. PD sensitivity can decrease with increasing length of the cable under test.

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VLF-60 Cable Insulation Tester

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Power Cable Testing and Diagnostics Overview

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VLF cable test voltages and time durations are set by IEEE Standard EEE Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very If the operating voltage is a voltage class lower than the rated voltage of the cable, available VLF ac voltage test frequency is Hz. VLF ac test voltages with. Jun 9, Very low frequency (VLF) withstand and other diagnostic tests and measurements that are performed using VLF energization in the field on.

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