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Biological Trace Element Research. The copper-binding protein ceruloplasmin oxidizes ferrous iron to ferric iron, an action that is critical for the binding of iron to transferrin in plasma. Ceruloplasmin, in common with ferritin and transferrin, is an acute-phase protein that is altered by inflammation. We sought to identify interrelationships between the copper and iron systems by measuring copper, ceruloplasmin, ferroxidase, ferritin, transferrin, iron, and iron-binding capacity in a group of hemodialysis patients.

We looked for evidence of inflammation and free-radical injury by assaying for protein carbonyl groups, protein pyrrolation, di-tyrosine, and advanced oxidation protein products. Our findings were compatible with an active inflammatory state that affected both iron and copper metabolism.

Transferrin levels were low, whereas ceruloplasmin levels were elevated compared to normal. Copper concentration was increased proportional to ceruloplasmin.


Several variables including ceruloplasmin and transferrin were observed to correlate significantly with the level of pyrrolated protein. The data suggest that posttranslational modification of circulating proteins may affect their structural, enzymatic, and ligand-binding properties. Abnormalities in copper metabolism and their influence on iron handling in renal failure are complex and will require additional study before their importance can be defined. Unable to display preview.


Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Relationships between the copper and iron systems in hemodialysis patients and variables affecting these systems.

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Gabay and I. Kushner, Acute phase proteins and other systemic responses to inflammation, N. Fishbane and J. Maesaka, Iron management in end stage renal disease, Am. Kidney Dis. PubMed Google Scholar. Google Scholar. Mareckova, Z.

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Marecek, M. Vulterinova, I.

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Skala, J. Pechar, P.

Dobersky, et al. Ponka, C. Beaumont, and D.

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IRON Systems is a leading provider of application specific, server appliance and complete embedded systems platforms, OEM System Integration, OEM ODM. Career Opportunities. Why work at Iron Systems? Iron Systems is a dedicated.

Duncan, and R. Chase, The involvement of iron in lipid peroxidation, J. McCord, Iron, free radicals, and oxidative injury, Semin. Gutteridge and G. Quinlan, Antioxidant protection against organic and inorganic oxygen radicals by normal human plasma: the important primary role for iron-binding and iron-oxidizing proteins, Biochim. Acta , — Nappi and E. Vass, Comparative studies of enhanced iron-mediated production of hydroxyl radical by glutathione, cysteine, ascorbic acid, and selected catechols, Biochim.

Oliveira, C. Bouton, and J-C. Drapier, Thioredoxin activation of iron regulatory proteins, J.

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Harris, Ceruloplasmin and iron: vindication after 30 years, Nutrition 15 , 72—74 Harris, Copper transport and metabolism: an update. Trace Elements Exp. CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Juan and S. Aust, Studies on the interaction between ferritin and ceruloplasmin, Arch. Reilly, M. Sorlie, and S. Blue Iron's founder and staff have joined Intergraph as part of the acquisition and will be based in Calgary. IronScan is a bolt-on application to SmartPlant Materials that gathers material site data.

Ironscan will help Intergraph customers and users of SmartPlant Materials achieve unprecedented efficiency in procurement and supply chain management for both project and asset life cycles. The acquisition reinforces Intergraph's long-term commitment to its customers and to the marketplace for continually delivering the latest advancements in technology that directly improve and positively impact the bottom line of customers' projects.

Blue Iron Systems, Inc. We are very excited about this acquisition and the benefits it brings to our SmartPlant Materials customers. Ironscan will specifically increase efficiency at receiving sites, material warehouses and fabrication shops with up to 90 percent reduction in material receiving work-hours. SmartPlant Materials is the only solution available on the market that fully supports the unique materials management processes needed in the process, power and marine industries, offering a total materials management and subcontract management solution for their plants and projects.

It is proven technology and has been adopted by industry-leading engineering firms around the world — users of SmartPlant Materials report improved procurement efficiency with lower risks and costs through accurate and effective materials management. Jobs in Imphal. Jobs in Bhubaneswar. Jobs in Amritsar. Jobs in Jalandhar. Jobs in Mohali. Jobs in Jaipur. Jobs in Chennai.

Jobs in Coimbatore. Jobs in Hyderabad. Jobs in Kanpur. Jobs in Lucknow. Jobs in Noida. Jobs in Varanasi.