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After receiving his PhD in , he joined the Cornell faculty as an assistant professor, where he was a founding member of the Systems Engineering program, and where he established robot soccer — a competition featuring fully autonomous robots — as the flagship, multidisciplinary team project. In addition to pioneering the use of semi definite programming for the design of distributed control systems, he went on to lead the Cornell Robot Soccer Team to four world championships at international RoboCup competitions in Sweden, Australia, Italy, and Japan.

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While on leave from Cornell, from to , he co-founded Kiva Systems, where he led the systems architecture, robot design, robot navigation and coordination, and control algorithms development. Kiva has deployed installations worldwide, with systems consisting of thousands of mobile robots. Kiva now operates as Amazon Robotics. After being appointed professor at ETH Zurich in , Raff established a research program that combined his broad interests and cemented his hands-on teaching style.

His team engages in cutting edge research by designing and building creative experimental platforms that allow them to explore the fundamental principles of robotics, control, and automation. His creations include the Flying Machine Arena, where flying robots perform aerial acrobatics, juggle balls, balance poles, and cooperate to build structures; the Distributed Flight Array, a flying platform consisting of multiple autonomous single propeller vehicles that are able to drive, dock with their peers, and fly in a coordinated fashion; The Balancing Cube, a dynamic sculpture that can balance on any of its edges or corners, and its little brother Cubli, a small cube that can jump up, balance, and walk; Blind Juggling Machines that can juggle balls without seeing them, and without catching them.

And yet they also serve as real experimental platforms for developing new practical technologies. Beef filet with green pepper or gorgonzola sauce. Roasted rack of lamb with red onion jam and balsamic. Perch fillets saute st. Fish fillet cooked in the oven.

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Grilled fish of the day. Dark chocolate mousse with roasted pistachio. Waffle with Cream, chocolate, ice cream.

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Raffaello is a spherical coconut-almond confection that Italian manufacturer Ferrero brought to the market in The total almond content accounts for 8% of. Raffaello was created in perfection and lightness. To taste a Raffaello means to submerge yourself in a unique recipe with a whole almond that sinks into.

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