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Web Marketing for Dummies
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No notes for slide. Social Media Marketing For Dummies 1. Indianapolis, Indiana Posted with Permission 2. Introduction O n August 23, , Blogger launched as one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools. At that time, social media was considered a niche activity on the fringes of the Internet. But today, Blogger is the 16th most popular site on the Internet, hosting millions of blogs. In a span of three years, Facebook has grown to over million users, and Wikipedia, for all practical purposes, has replaced Britannica as an encyclopedia.

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Social media is today the most important phenomena transforming the Internet. There is more to it than the phenomena, though.

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

It also presents unique marketing opportunities, which force marketers to revisit the core guiding principles of marketing while providing new ways to reach social influencers and allow for people to influence each other and do the marketing for the brand. Social influence marketing SIM forces companies to rethink how they market online, to whom they market, and how to structure their own organi- zations to support these new marketing opportunities.

For anyone involved with social influence marketing — and Internet marketing, more broadly — this is indeed an exciting time. Social Media Marketing For Dummies is written to help you make sense of the madness.

Social Media Marketing For Dummies: A Smart Book

This book cuts through all that noise and simply explains what social influence marketing is and how you can harness it to achieve your objectives as a marketer. It does, however, aim to distill the core concepts, trends, tips, and recommendations down to bite- sized, easy-to-digest nuggets. The technol- ogy is finally catching up, and social influence marketing is fundamentally about allowing and encouraging that behavior to happen in a brand-positive manner online, too.

This book helps you understand why social media matters to marketers and how you can harness it to directly impact your own marketing efforts in meaningful ways. Targeted at both marketers in large organizations and those of you who work in small businesses or run small businesses, it includes advice for every business scenario. So whenever you see SIM, think social influence marketing! And I wondered what that person would need to know to find this book interesting.

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Rather than have separate chapters for marketers at small businesses versus large corporations, each chapter addresses the circumstances of both using the differences between the two to explain the core concepts more strongly. With important statistics on the size of the social Web and consumer online media consumption, this section also explains why SIM matters.

I also explain what it means to be an authentic and engaged advertiser — in other words, how to take your existing advertising efforts social and get more mileage out of them. The chapters on mobile marketing and employee influence explain how you can encourage your employees to road test your SIM efforts.

And finally, the chapter on met- rics explains how you can easily measure all your SIM efforts.

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  • Web Marketing For Dummies.

Also included are ten common mistakes — mistakes made by the best of us who have been practic- ing SIM time and again. The section ends with ten must-read blogs that will keep you updated with the world of SIM and digital marketing more broadly. The Remember icon marks paragraphs that contain a friendly reminder.

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Introduction 5 Heed the warnings marked with the Warning icons to avoid potential disaster. Whenever I get technically inclined, I mark the paragraph with a Technical Stuff icon. Where to Go from Here The book is designed such that you can quickly jump to a specific chapter or section that most interests you in a particular moment.

Understanding the foundation of social influence marketing which I explain in the early chapters will help you better apply the techniques that you learn in the later ones to the specifics of your business.

Contents at a Glance Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Table of Contents xi Monitoring Brands and Conversations Table of Contents xv Rethinking Intranet If you need support from Yola please contact us via support yola. We are working on a new approach to community-based support and during this transition period we are not adding any new threads to this forum. Many thanks to everyone who has participated over the years and we look forward to unveiling a new peer-to-peer support system soon!

Social Media Marketing For Dummies

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